ProjX is a diverse team of individuals from across the world. We study the challenges our customers experience to develop solutions that improve their lifestyle. Our product design style celebrates green technology and highlights sustainable manufacturing and materials. ProjX envisions and develops sustainable technology to enrich the lives of everyday people.

Who we are

Product design focuses on developing a user experience. Designers learn to understand the customer, their lifestyle, and their environment to develop meaningful solutions for customer needs. A product must engage the senses and create value design.

As designers, we are responsible for the life cycle of our products. ProjX designs solutions that use less energy and are compatible with green energy technologies. We choose to manufacture responsibly with intelligent processes, recyclable materials and packaging. The future of new technology must consider the natural balance of our planet.

ProjX embraces the national goal of introducing and delivering premium high technology products to the world. President Xi Jin Ping emphasized the importance of technological innovation and has introduced tax incentives to help technological companies and startups grow. ProjX is compliant with China’s 14th Annual 5 year development plan: Made in China 2025 (中国制造2025).

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