Responsible Leadership for All Centuries: How to be the Right Kind of Leader in Every Kind of Situation

  There are a number of defining characteristics that have stood the test of time. In today’s post we take a look at some of the “soft” traits that define a great leader. Responsible Leadership is Kind  To be kind means to be considerate of those involved. Leadership expert John Maxwell often writes: “People will […]

Progressive Discipline HR Policy as Performance Management Too

Understanding the four stages to progressive discipline is the first step when designing a performance management policies for an employee handbook.  The four stages to progressive discipline include:  Verbal warning Written warning Suspension Termination  The First Stage of Progressive Discipline: The Verbal Warning The first step in a progressive discipline process is to issue a verbal […]

Leadership and Organization Structure Today: Why Modern Business Leadership Must be Different

From a relatively calm past business organizations have moved to a world of enduring whitewater where they have to change to survive and where they have to develop to prosper. Oddly enough, the very act of change increases the risk that they won’t live to tell the tale.  That’s why the way modern business leaders […]

Effective Leadership Development in Nonprofit Organizations

Survival, let along success, has become a much more challenging proposition for nonprofit organizations. Financial resources are fixed or declining while the need for many services such  as shelter and food has increased. Nonprofit leaders have to be more than just “do-gooders” because a kind heart and a good mission are not enough to sustain these […]

Increasing Productivity When Resources Are Scarce

Are you feeling the pressure of fewer organizational resources and rising productivity expectations? Yet, you need to get the most out of your team. These days, many leaders, managers, and entrepreneurs have the same fundamental problem.  They have a great product or service and a great business model, but they have fewer resources  than they’d like. They […]